The Essentials

Bisson Bruneel has always invested in natural and noble materials such as wool. This choice of texture in its collections is a real desire to work with a completely virgin, eco-responsible material, and to respect a short production circuit. The Auvergne wool then leaves for weaving in the Tarn, a region with a tradition of spinning and weaving.

Our wool collection is extensive and offers a wide choice. The timeless Dralaine with more than 50 colors to make curtains but also seats with Vilano, which has a high resistance to the wear test to restore the seats.

Feltwool enriches the range of woolen sheets with a slightly mottled wool and an incredible play of colors.

But still, the Filaine woolen veil, with an irreproachable and subtle drape, or the irresistible texture of wool Terre, a wool and linen blend available in natural tones.

There is also the very authentic and raw range of wool which comes from a rustic breed of sheep called “Noire de Velay”, originating in the Velay plateaus, in Auvergne. The Drap Velay completes the collection of Dralaine Authentique, a raw and wild wool.

More refined, the Panama wool collection, is a woolen jacquard fabric with geometric shapes and which mixes colors with a rich color chart to coordinate with Panama plus, grosgrain print with a wonderful range of 40 colors.

Mountain – A Set of softness

Winter is coming and we all dream of escape to the snow-capped peaks, its peaceful landscapes and its cozy chalets.

The mountain collection is rich and offers beautiful fabrics with very beautiful wools.

Dramohair he is a very thick 100% mohair wool fabric. Ideal for throws, cushions and also for making warm curtains when the cold comes at home.

But also, Colorado, very soft thanks to its composition of Merino wool and Lamb. This 150 wide fabric is perfect for the seat and comes in 6 colors inspired by the animal world: elephant gray, mouse, chamois, brown or marmot.

How not to fall for Hermine, a white faux fur, so soft that it will be very difficult not to curl up in its curtains.

Alpaga as its name suggests is very smooth. Perfect, both for smooth curtains and for making seats with guaranteed comfort and so chic.

The iconic “Bouclette” Bergamo

We no longer present our Bergamo wool terry cloth, available in 7 colors, with natural, gray and black. Guaranteed effect on sofas or armchairs from the most design to the most vintage.

It can also dress windows and warm a room by bringing a cozy touch and character. It is combined in a lighter version to make wall hangings.

The new Verone terry is denser, irregular with colors that are both soft with powder pink, pearl gray and cream, but also deep with forest green and midnight blue. A touch of character for the seats or the dense and singular curtains.

The ringlet never ceases to amaze and enchant us.

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