Linen a natural and ecological material

Bisson Bruneel has been creating collections with linen for a long time, partly because it allows very beautiful fabrics to be made but also because it is very ecological.

Linen does not produce waste, the whole plant is used. All the constituents of the plant are biodegradable, the products made from the linen plant are therefore also biodegradable.

It’s spring and for the lucky ones who can walk through the linen fields in the Normandy countryside, you will soon be able to admire the beautiful blue flowers of linen. It is usually in June.

Nos collections en Lin

All our linens are chosen from the finest qualities and all have the Master of Linen label. We currently have more than 10 linen collections, either 100% or mixed.

Some are perfect for making light curtains or blinds with the subtle weft of linen in transparency. Others are planned to make curtains with much more breadth and thickness. The stone wash collections immediately have a holiday spirit.

The rangeof colors for the curtains is very wide and offers a large possibility of choice between essential basics, bright and pastels.

Alinen field in the heart of Paris

We were a partner in thelinenpromotion event organized by the Linen Federation. This event took place three years ago and has been reproduced in several European cities, Paris, Milan and Bruges.

The principle was to educate the public about the cultivation of linen and show all the possibilities of this plant in several areas. A field had been set up on the Place des Vosges with entertainment and explanations to discover or learn more about this plant.

We exhibited a whole selection of finished products and old linen collections in our showroom, just opposite this beautiful installation.

Used collections

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